About Metal Art Work

Company Profile

Metal Artwork Saudi Company (MASCO) was formed in 1990 and owned by Arabian Roots Group (75%) and TRISAX (25%).
The company's target is to meet the requirements of the Saudi market, to have high quality metal products at very competitive prices. Today, it is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia at manufacturing metal product. MASCO is part of an ISO9001:2008 certificated consortium companies specialized in steel and stainless steel fabrication, brass artworks, and casting metals.

The company operates two fabrication facilities at Jeddah/ Bahra and Riyadh. In Bahra, it occupies a total area of 40,588 square meters and a capacity for 74 vehicles including SUV's, sedans, trucks, buses and much more. The plant in Riyadh produces cast iron grates and frames only.

MASCO with its 1835 employee is constantly working on improving all departments within the company to maintain its leadership role in the business and achieve and sustain a high level customer satisfaction.

MASCO has built a reputation and position within its market for being one of the countries leading suppliers of high quality metal products with competitive prices.
MASCO is conveniently located in the west of Saudi Arabia. That ideally situated to access the Gulf countries markets and provide them with high quality products and competitive prices.

Production plants and Facilities

MASCO operates five plants in which it produces large amount of products. Our fabrication facilities combine the latest manufacturing technology with a wealth of technical and practical experience. The latest cutting technology with punching, forming and turning machine ensure the quality, accuracy and repeatability of fabrications

Company History

Starting from the vision of how the Saudi industrial and construction business grew Roots group established the Metal Artwork Saudi Co in 1990 with a paid capital of 4,500,000 SR launching itself in the architectural segment and being pioneers in Saudi Arabia to offer high quality products and services.

We were awarded the contract of Makkah and Madinah Holy haram Shrines in 1990 for a value of 200.000.000 SR which was the supply and installation of all Brass and Bronze items.

In 1993 we were awarded the contract for the Car Park in Madinah for a value of 75,000,000 SR.

Mission & Vision
Our mission:
Is to be a market leader locally and internationally in the metal industry by designing, developing, and delivering the highest architectural quality products.
Our vision:
Is to develop unique products with specifications which meet target segment demands and quality.
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