New King Abdul-Aziz International Airport

General Info*:

The project has reached the final stages of planning and design, and King Abdullah, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has approved a budget of SR4 billion to build the futuristic new airport to international standards.

Three new terminal buildings, a high-speed rail link and a capacity for up to 80 million passengers a year are among the targets proposed for a new airport. The project is designed to increase the airport’s capacity initially from 13 million passengers by 30 million passengers each year.

The new King Abdul-Aziz International Airport is planned to be finished in 2014.

This 690,000 sq m new airport includes an airside hotel, four airport lounges, retail areas, a mosque and a transport hub with a railway station. The airport has been designed to provide a contemporary and yet culturally sensitive gateway to Jeddah and the Holy City of Mecca and when complete will handle 30 million passengers per year.
The inspiration came from the local environment and cultural references as well as the historical art and architecture of Jeddah.

Metal Artwork Saudi Co. (MOFAC) Scope
Our fabrication is scheduled to start in February 2013 and includes the following scopes:

1.    Hollow Metal Doors (HMD-Section):
Doors that include Fire rated Doors, Sound insulated Doors, Doors with Louvers and Vision Panels up to international Airport standard.
A quality that only MOFAC can supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hollow Metal Frames (HMD-Sections):
Frames that will be matched with high quality wood which include Fire rated and Sound insulated Doors

2.    Interior Elements (MAD-HMD Section):
High quality st. steel Handrails, Guardrails, Column Collar, Trolley Corral,
Cladding and various decorative Items

3.    Steel Catwalk for Maintenance
Steel catwalk for Maintenance purposes underneath the whole Steel Structural Ceiling of the new Airport

4.    Various Items
Steel Structures and decorative Items are expected

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